June 13, 2024


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Tehran to Host Regional Meeting to Discuss Afghanistan

Published | June 06,2024

By | TKD Team

Tehran to Host Regional Meeting to Discuss Afghanistanimage

Tehran will host a meeting on June 8, Saturday of the regional contact group for Afghanistan. Special envoys of the Islamic Republic of Iran, China, Russia and Pakistan will participate in the meeting. 

Seyed Rasul Mousavi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director General of South Asia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran wrote in a message on the social media application X (formerly Twitter) today, "Tehran will host the meeting of the regional contact group for Afghanistan on Saturday, June 8."

He further added that the consultation of the special representatives of Iran, Pakistan, China, and Russia is on the agenda.

Mousavi said, "The Tehran meeting will be a message of peace, stability, and development for Afghanistan and the region in the light of regional cooperation and integration."

Amb. Asif Ali Khan Durrani, the special envoy of the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Afghanistan is scheduled to travel to Tehran to participate in the meeting of the regional contact group.

"Tehran meeting is to discuss the Doha Agenda, which is about Private sector development and counter-narcotics. Also, the issue of terrorism will be discussed,” a senior ranking Pakistani official who is privy to the meeting agenda told The Khorasan Diary on condition of anonymity.

He added that some preliminary agendas for the Doha meeting due on June 30 and July 1 will also be discussed on Saturday.

In the past, Pakistan hosted a virtual meeting, right after the Taliban took control of Kabul, of the foreign ministers from Afghanistan's six neighbors on September 8, 2021. 

After that Tehran hosted a conference in October 2021, in which all the participants agreed to reconvene for a third round in China in 2022. 

Since then there have been multiple rounds of these regional meetings.

Ambassador to Iran Muhammad Mudassir Tipu while speaking to Khorasan Diary said, “The forum provides an important opportunity for Pakistan , Iran, China, and Russia to deliberate on matters aimed at bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan and in promoting regional development.”