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TKD MONITORING: Pro-ISHP Jauhar Magazine (Serat ul Haq), Issue 3

Published | April 13,2024

By | TKD Team

TKD MONITORING: Pro-ISHP Jauhar Magazine (Serat ul Haq), Issue 3image

Date of Publishing: April 11, 2024

Publisher: Jauhar Media – pro-Islamic State Hind Province (ISHP)

Content: issue 3, Serat ul Haq magazine

On April 11, Al-Jauhar Media published the third issue of its magazine, Serat ul Haq. The group first surfaced in 2022, then since March 2023, the group stop its activities.

The 15 pages long issue starts by criticizing Muslims in India for not defending their faith from alleged Hindus harassment. 

A second article argues that Afghan Taliban are serving the interests of regional countries, including India, while maintaining ties with the US and, indirectly, Israel. The magazine is particularly hostile to China and the latter’s relations with the Taliban. 

A final article argues that democracy has been devised in India to guarantee the domination of the Hindus and of extremists in the far-right Indian political spectrum in order to enslave and erase Muslims from India. 

Finally, the magazine pays tribute to the attack in Moscow, praising it.

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