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TKD MONITORING: TTP Podcast (Pasoon), Episode 36

Published | February 29,2024

By | TKD Team

TKD MONITORING: TTP Podcast (Pasoon), Episode 36image

Date of Publishing: February 28, 2024

Publisher: Umar Media – Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)

Content: Audio statement

On February 28, TTP issued the 36th episode of its Pashto language podcast. The last episode features an interview with Mufti Ghufran, a top member of the organization.

The entire episode is dedicated to the discussion of the recent remarks of Justice Faez Esa on the importance of the Constitution in preserving rights for religious minorities in Pakistan.  

Mufti Ghufran argues that freedom of performing religion and freedom of speech is detrimental to society and the Islamic religion. He claims that not only such liberties have been upheld in British-style courts, but they are against the basic essence of Islam as interpreted by the group.

In contrast, Mufti Ghufran expresses satisfaction with the work of TTP Sharia courts, arguing that they provide quick and effective sentences while respecting Islamic law.

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