April 18, 2024


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TKD MONITORING: ISKP Magazine (Khorasan Ghag) Issue 29

Published | February 27,2024

By | TKD Team

TKD MONITORING: ISKP Magazine (Khorasan Ghag) Issue 29 image

Date of publishing: February 25, 2024

Publisher: Al-Azaim Foundation – Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP)

Content: Issue 29, Khorasan Ghag magazine


- Discussion of the Afghan Interim Government's (AIG) quest for international recognition

- Discussion of AIG enforcement of Sharia laws in Afghanistan

- Comments on the January 4 attacks in Iran claimed by the Islamic State

- Story of an ISKP fighter who joined the group when he was in Pakistan

Threat: Afghanistan

Language: Pashto

On February 25, ISKP published issue 29th of its Pashto language...